Zimbabwe residents brutally assaulted by mermaids – Sun UK report


MANY residents in Zimbabwe are living in fear after a number of them claim to have had nasty encounters with two mermaids – a male and a female.

Apparently, the two mermaids residing in a small river in Chikanga, Mutare near Chikanga Primary School, often appear as real mermaids, fish or a huge snake.
Rose Muguza, 45, a teacher at Chikanga Primary, allegedly lost her teeth when she met the creatures on her way home from work.

Describing her ordeal, she said: “I decided to use a shortcut on my way from work.

“While using that shortcut, we cross a small river and just when I was about to cross that small river near an apostolic sect shrine, I saw a whirlwind coming straight in my direction.

“It kept coming my way and I stood aloof wondering why the whirlwind was coming straight in my direction.

“I then decided to jump to the other side of the small river so that I could proceed home, but it was not long before the whirlwind engulfed me and I fell into the small river.”

The teacher, who claims she saw two mermaids said: “The female one is very beautiful and its hair is quite long.

“It stretches to its bottom half, while the male one has relatively shorter hair that ends on its shoulders. The eyes of the female one are always roving.”

She added: “After that encounter, I managed to proceed home, but I was feeling dizzy with blood oozing out of my mouth.

Rose, who also injured her leg and arm during the incident, had to get artifical teeth put in as a result.
Brian Chindidzo, 32, experienced a similar ordeal in the same place on his way home from work.

He claims a huge snake fell off from a small tree into the river but suddenly disappeared.

“Although the water was crystal clear, we could not tell how the snake disappeared,” he said. “Recently, we saw someone who wanted to use the same pathway as he went to an all-night prayer, but returned soaked in mud.

“He said as he approached the place, unseen objects dragged him.

“He said he fell down, but somehow later managed to escape.”

Brian describes the mermaid as “a huge fish, the size of a grown up human being”.

Others said they hear “drumbeating sounds and people singing, but couldn’t see anyone”.

Mermaids, which comes in the form of a human with the a fish tail, appear in the folklore of many cultures including the East, Europe, Africa and Asia.

Source: the Sun.co.uk

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