I Didn’t Attend Praye Tietia’s Wedding Because I Didn’t Know – Praye Honeho


The bride, Selly hoisted shoulder high

Stephen Fiawoo, aka Praye Tietia and his girlfriend Selorm Ghalley aka Selly of Big Brother Africa  fame got engaged and wedded onThursday and Saturday respectively.

But a former member of Praye, the now defunct musical trio, Eugene Baah  aka Praye Honeho, says he could not attend Praye Tietia’s – now known as Cartel Big J- wedding because he did not even hear about the event on time.

In an interview with Hitz FM’s Mzgee, Praye Honeho, who is now called Choirmaster said it came as a surprise to him that his former colleague did not inform him of his big day.

“I was away in Nigeria, I returned last Friday and I heard rumours of an engagement. I didn’t hear anything from him, I wasn’t invited – no call, no message. All I realized was that it had happened,” he said.

Choirmaster also denied that there was bad blood between him and Praye Tietia, describing the relationship between them as ‘normal’.

Recently, Choirmaster and Praye Tietia, who also now prefers to be called Cartel Big J, both performed separately at Koforidua in the Brong Ahafo Region.

“I think there might have been a lot of things going on in his head. Moreover, I wasn’t in Ghana. So maybe he took it that I wasn’t in town” Choirmaster explained.

Prayer Tintin, the other membe of the trio, was also not seen at the wedding.

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