True Confession: My brother is cheating on his wife; should I tell her?


After my graduation from one of the Nigerian universities, I have been staying with my elder brother.. He’s the second born as a lady is my parents first born.. But he’s the first son.. Age of about 42+.. Before I got admission in school I do stay with him and after my university education, I went back to his place, because his house is big and spacious to contain me .. After about two to three months, I have been going to work with him I noticed something..

There is this number he usually call wen we are going back home in the car.. The way he talks to the person on phone I doubt if its a guy he’s talking to.. Because the number is saved with a guys name “henry” but I do hear a ladies voice at the back of the phone.. So I’m wondering..

After my final findings I do discover thats a lady..
Now the big question is my bro got 3 grown up kids.. And a wife..
What should I do? Should I just leave him to move on or tell the wife?? To me I feel that he’s still a young flexing man! Maybe he should enjoy it while it last.. Or I should just tell the wife because the wife is cool to me and nice.. What should I do..

Also Note behind.. This my bro.. I do respect and fear him so much.. I can’t even dare talk about a lady with him.. As his like a dad to me! So telling me to talk to my bro is out of the solution.. So my fellow people what should I do?

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