Actress Princess Shyngle lied about being a student of the Accra Film Institute?


Authorities of Accra Film School, a private institute that provides training in filmmaking, have refused to acknowledge or maintain any connection with stunning actress Princess Christian Shyngle, despite media reports that she is a student of the school, Daily Guide (NEWS ONE) has reported.

Shyngle, a Ghana-based Gambian actress with breathtaking curves, has been described by several news reports including online news sites, newspapers and radio stations as someone who is “currently studying Film Directing at the Accra Film School at East Legon.”

When NEWS-ONE visited the Accra Film School on Monday to look for Shyngle, authorities there expressed frustration at the number of persons who had trooped to the school in search of her.

“Our school registers and academic records do not have anything on the actress you are looking for. None of our lecturers knows her as a student here, yet for the past two weeks we continue to get calls and visitors who say they are looking for this same lady, Princess Shyngle, and that they read in the papers she is a student here.


“Our school runs the course she was reported to be studying but we have checked through that class, the camera class, production class, directing class, presenting class and animation class and she is nowhere to be found. Perhaps it is time we made it public that she is not a student here because it is becoming clear there is some misinformation out there directing people here,” Rex Anthony Annan, head of the school told NEWS-ONE.

Mr Anthony Annan said the journalists either committed a genuine mistake with the name of the school or someone deliberately decided to put out wrong information.


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