My husband is my boyfriend on Facebook, Whatsapp and BBM and does not know it!


A mail sent to

Dear NHW,

I’m actually rolling on the floor laughing. I am having a swell time.

I have been married to my hubby for 8 years and we are blessed with 4 boys which I had vaginally. After my last boy, my marriage went from bad to worse, as in, getting my hubby’s attention over the years has been very difficult. To have sex with him is even on ‘appointment’ basis. The rate at which my marriage was going, I knew that if I didn’t do something about it, it would move from worse to worst.

I sought the advice of one of my very close friends and she told me what to do. As funny as this sounds, it was working very well and I don’t want what I am doing to end.

I got a new phone and sim card, then opened new accounts on all the social media, putting all my best body parts as the display/profile picture, especially on facebook, whatsapp and  bbm. I then sent a friend request to my husband. The silly man did not waste any time in accepting my requests. At first, he played hard to get but I still relented. Because my identity is not revealed to him, I went back to being the way I used to be with him that made him fall in love with me. I flirted with him badly, and he keeps falling more and more.

NHW, you won’t believe I send pictures of my p&%**y to him every morning and if you see how excited he gets. Can you imagine, he does not recognize ‘it’!The relationship has been going on strong for 6 months. In that 6 months, if you know how much he has sent to me. He has been begging to see my face, but I know that if I try that…the relationship will be over.

Back as his wife, his attention to me has greatly waned but he has been very polite and somewhat ‘nice’. He now locks his phone, as if…

NHW, I would rather have my hubby as a boyfriend than a husband. What do you think? Should I continue or should I stop?

*OMG!! Dear reader, this is absolutely brilliant! I would never have thought about it. It’s funny how your husband does not recognise your VGG. I’m sure he represents a lot of Nigerian men who wouldn’t either, even if it was right in their faces! If you should continue…I wouldn’t know O! But if I were in your shoes I will definitely continue! …at least for the financial gains! LOL!

On a more serious note, is this really how you want to continue with your husband? Because, I feel it’s not the real deal! You should work on your communication skills if you ask me and of pray for God’s wisdom! The day you decide to reveal yourself, please do not hesitate to give us gist on the outcome.

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