SEE: 11 Most Beautiful Dark Skinned Ghanaian Female Celebrities [PHOTOS]


Irrespective of the light skin dominance, they are dark skinned women in the industry who are also winning. And let me say, they look gorgeous. Below are 8 dark and beautiful Ghanaian female celebrities

#1:. Peace Hyde (TV Personality, Actress)


Peace Hyde

Peace Hyde (born 9 August 1985) is a Ghanaian TV Presenter, Actress and host. She is the host of popular celebrity talk show The EFGH Show. Peace was born in London by Ghanaian parents where she had her education.

She is an alumnus of Middlesex University where she studied Psychology. Peace was a teacher where she taught chemistry, physics and biology, before moving to education sector she practised as child psychologist.

Peace started acting at age 11. She made her screen debut in the Adams Apple’s TV series by Shirley Frimpong-Manso.

Peace first appearred in Ghanaian scences during launch of the fourth edition of the Ghana Movie Awards in 2013. Peace currently hosts 3 shows in Ghana: The EFGH Show, GH One’s Friday Night Live lifestyle show and MTN Hit Maker Season 3 co-hosted with Bola Ray.

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