HORRIFIC! Suspected Robbers Burnt To Death In Kumasi (SEE PHOTOS)


Two suspected robbers were on Monday morning set äblaze by ängry residents of Ayiga Zongo, near the Affordable Housing Project in Kumasi. The susp€cts, believed to be in their mid-twenties, were ällegedly caught red-handed when they attempted to snatch a laptop and a cell phone from a student at gün po!nt.In a graphic video, the susp€cted robb€rs begged the ängry mob to spare their lives but were refused.The mob mercil€ssly batt€red the suspects and as they became unconscious, two men were seen pouring a substance believed to be petrol on them and lighting a match stick on the susp€cts.According to the angry mob, their action was to deter others from engaging in robb€ry activities. 


Source: girlsabre.blogspot.com

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