Top 10 Things You Must Work On Before You Get Married

black-couple-money.jpgGetting married is one of the most important things in our existence. There are many things to put in place before one heads to the alter, in order to have a happy home. This is the main reason why brings you 10 Things You Must Work On Before You Get Married

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1. Work on your anger: Learn how to control your anger. Hot temper damages marriage.

2. Work on your promiscuity: Adu!tery destroys marriage. Do not cheat on your spouse.

3. Work on your degree of maturity: Marriage is for the matured minds and not kids.

4. Work on your finances: You need money to make your family work & be comfortable.

5. Work on the degree of trust between you and your spouse: Trust your spouse at all time, if this is highly attend to, your marriage will work perfectly. Do not marry a person you don’t trust.

6. Work on your Choice of Partner: According to a research carried out by Eyo Nse, 60% of most Beautiful and handsome humans lacks intelligence, as a man you need a beautiful wife thou, but when she can’t read her book or write her name you will surely remember this piece of mind someday. she/he will someday go ugly at old age so be inform.

7. Work on your Character: A Character is link with when you have a broken tyre on a highway while driving to or back from work, without you fixing the bad tyre you can’t continue your journey. What do i mean here? Good character keeps marriage going smoothly, although 21st century humans believe people of good character are fools, can this be true? Work on your character, treat people equally cos someone you may meet up street may be the same person you will meet down street. Be your self always.

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