SEE: Asamoah ‘Baby Jet’ Gyan Buys Private Jet? (PHOTOS)

asamoah-gyan_2901525bHis relationship with the Ghanaian football public might not be the best, but no one can say Asamoah Gyan is not enjoying life to the fullest.

The Al-Ain forward and Back Stars captain is one of the highest paid footballers in the world, earning upwards of $200,000 a week at his Abu Dhabi based club.

Living with all those sheikhs must have rubbed off on him, and his response is to acquire his own personal plane.

Asamoah took to Facebook today (March 17), to announce the newest acquisition to his personal properties; A private jet.

‘When you go to Rome, you do what Romans do’ He captioned the picture with external and internal shots of the new jet.

‘When you come to Dubai, you live like a #King, my new baby about to be unleashed, thank you Lord for your blessings and guidance. This is the meaning of my name #BabyJet

On the other hand, it looks like the facebook account is fake—as Asamoah Gyan has never claimed to have a facebook account. He is known to have an official twitter handle and this looks like a hoax.

See the pictures of Gyan’s new baby below (that is if indeed he is the one behind the facebook account)…

Check out the pictures of the plane below:


Asamoah gyan private jet 2

Asamoah Gyan private jet1

It surely seems to us like a hoax because Asamoah Gyan wouldn’t make such announcement on facebook in such a way if indeed he has acquired a private jet—what does he need the jet for though? Is he not a jet himself?


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