LADIES! 5 Necessary Nutrients For You

Broccoli  particularly have positive effects on skin health, with antioxidant properties that accelerate skin regeneration and slows the aging process. Keeps our skin supple, helps prevent bruising and decay, protects against cancer. Prevents the formation of acne  and skin drying is reduced. Besides the stomach and intestines have a positive effect in regulating of our immune system.

It is known that carrot contents  high level of vitamin A, which  is very important for  the nerve system, eyes and  for our skin. Gives a glow to the skin, provides moisture and helps to renew it. It is good for constipation, heart-friendly and is effective in inflammatory diseases.

Kiwi secretion the hormone of the body- serotonin, which makes you happy , it  also nourishes the skin, lowers  cholestrerol  and has an effect on  blood pressure-lowering. With a high content of vitamin C kiwi fruit protects cell DNA, and it’s helpful for blood glucose regulation.

Beans are extremely rich in protein and fiber , that’s why they are very  useful and should be  consumed  three to four times a week. Beans reduce the risk of heart attack and breast cancer.

Fatty fish
The most beneficial location of fish is omega-3 fatty acids. So fish should be eaten  two or three times a week. They strengthen cell membranes, reduces heart disease, hypertension, depression, joint pain, discomfort etc.



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