SEE: Top 6 Most Beautiful First Daughters In Africa

6. Ngina Kenyatta


President Uhuru Kenyatta and First Lady Margaret Wanjiru have three children, sons Jomo and Jaba and daughter Ngina. She is named after her grandmother Mama Ngina Kenyatta. This nice-looking “controversial” lady is the daughter of Uhuru Kenyatta, the President of Kenya. She is particularly fond of social activities; frequently seen at various social events and occasions. She attracts surplus attention where ever she is.

5.Ange Kagame


She is the second child and only daughter of President Paul Kagame of Rwanda. She is a philanthropist and has been involved in causes that include women empowerment, education and poverty eradication, as well as disease immunization.

Kagame was born September 8, 1993 in Brussels, Belgium. Her father is Paul Kagame, the sixth and current President of the Republic of Rwanda and the leader of Rwanda’s majority party the Rwandan Patriotic Front. Her mother Jeannette Nyiramongi is the first lady of the Republic of Rwanda as well as philanthropist involved in numerous charitable organizations.As the first daughter of the president, she holds both formal and informal power and influence.


Kagame completed her education abroad and was absent from the public eye for most of her childhood due to security and privacy reasons. She attends Smith College where she majors in Political Science with a minor in African studies. In college, she has excelled in academics and is known to her friends as a considerate and amiable person. Kagame can speak three languages, English, Kinyarwanda, and French.

4. Bona Mugabe (Zimbabwe)


Bona Mugabe is the daughter of the President of Zimbabwe and the current African Union Chairman, Robert Mugabe. She is married to Simba Chikore. She studied accounting and finance at the City University of Hong Kong and then continued her postgraduate studies in banking and finance at Singapore Institute of Management. She currently works at Alpha & Omega Dairy in Mazowe, Zimbabwe.


President Robert Mugabe’s only daughter, Bona, 24, wed in a lavish ceremony in March 2014 at the family’s private home in Harare’s plush Borrowdale neighborhood. The wedding also gave guests a rare glimpse into Mugabe’s multi-million dollar mansion.

3. Isabel dos Santos (Angola)

isabela dos santos

Angola's ruling family (from left): Jose Eduardo dos Santos, daughter Isabel, her husband Sindika Dokolo, and first lady Ana Paula dos Santos (Photo credit: Bruno Fonseca/ 4See / Redux)

At 40 Dos Santos is Africa’s only female billionaire, and also the continent’s youngest. She has quickly and systematically garnered significant stakes in Angola’s strategic industries–banking, cement, diamonds and telecom–making her the most influential businessperson in her homeland. More than half of her assets are held in publicly traded Portuguese companies, adding international credibility. When FORBES outed her as a billionaire in January the government disseminated the news as a matter of national pride, living proof that this country of 19 million has arrived.

Isabel dos Santos

2. Anastasia Brenda Eyenga Biya (Cameroon)


The daughter of the President of the Republic of Cameroon is also addicted to the famous social network in vogue and is followed by almost 3,000 followers. Indeed, Brenda Biya opened her Instagram account in 2012 and publicly shared photos to her followers on everyday family life or reflections and thoughts. It reveals a glimpse into the life of a girl who is fan of fashion, series, selfies, dogs, close to her family and friends. Besides Brenda loves to babysit and often takes her little niece filming. In short, the life of a young privileged girl her age.



1. Malika Bongo Ondimba


Aged 32, Malika Bongo Ondimba, has not rested on her laurels and the ease of his father’s family as alleged by many Gabonese, often misinformed about the person. Eldest daughter of the President of the Republic, the young woman turned out to be a “hard worker” according to his family. Indeed present in the social field in recent years, Malika was quickly imposed on local and international organizations such as the Red Cross, working in humanitarian and relief to those in need as a kind of ambassador to the cause of vulnerable populations, including one of the most sensitive and often neglected fringes, toddlers and women.


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