SPINE-CHILLING: I Met My Dad For The First Time Aged 19 And We Had Sex, Orally

A woman from Canada who met her father for the first time when she was 19 years old has now revealed that they had feelings for each other that led to a sexual relationship. Natasha Rose Chenier, 27, spoke with Jezebel about the bizarre relationship she had with her biological father.

Raised apart from him, the two did not meet until Chenier was 19, but when they did, a sexual attraction began to grow. She claims that her father “wanted to have sex with me from the first moment he laid eyes on me.” Natasha became physically attracted to her father over time, eventually giving into the feelings when she was 21.“We had oral sex a few times, almost always preceded by my descending into a whirlwind of self-hate and disgust and dry heaving over the toilet in the bathroom attached to his room,” she said.

It all started when Natasha tracked down her father, who had a casual relationship with Natasha’s mother but bolted once she told him she was pregnant.“When I first met him in person I noticed that we even had the same posture, the same way of carrying ourselves in the world. I was intoxicated by our likeness, which I never shared with my mother, or with any siblings (I am an only child),” she said.
Over time, her attraction to her father grew more and more.“As well as shocked and horrified to realize it – I spoke of it to no one, least of all him. I hoped I would go home and the feeling would go away. But it didn’t. Instead, it grew,” she said.When the two realized the attraction was mutual, they engaged in oral sex on numerous occasions before Natasha shut the relationship down because of how ashamed she felt.“I imagine that, unless you have experienced genetic sexual attraction yourself, this is going to sound entirely unbelievable. But trust me: it is as real and intense as anything. The sexual feelings I had for my father felt like a dark spell that had been cast over me.”
She added, “I was not only a victim of my father’s two-year seduction; I also felt a victim of my own sexual feelings. I felt ashamed of myself, and I had no one to talk to about it. I wasn’t equipped to understand or handle my feelings.”She has not seen her father in the six years since her last visit. She is still undergoing therapy to learn how to deal with what happened.She has also finally accepted the fact that her feelings are more normal than one might think.Nicolas Aujula, a behavioral hypnotherapist, said that a genetic sexual attraction is present between two relatives who meet for the first time as adults 50 percent of the time.
“There is usually a strong emotional attraction that gets turned into sexual feelings, though not all genetic sexual attraction feelings turn into sexual acts,” he said. “One explanation is people tend to select mates that are like themselves physically and mentally; known as assortative mating.”
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