True Confession: My Wife is Remote-Controlling My Penis

Please hide my identity and don’t publish my e-mail. Something is wrong somewhere. I developed health complications resulting from acute stress and high blood pressure around November last year. i went for treatment and was assigned to a 2 weeks mandatory bed rest.
I dedicatedly followed up the doctor’s directive with the sundry drugs they prescribed but I discovered something strange after i recovered and was discharged.

I can’t not have an erection any more except I am with my wife.
This embarrassed me during the Yuletide when I wanted to get down with an old girl friend of mine after my wife travelled for the holidays with the kids to her parents village.

When we wanted to get down to business, my thing wouldn’t move, My lady friend did everything possible including sucking but my the thing didn’t move.
I felt as if I was dreaming. Later that night and even the next morning, we tried again but nothing happened. I felt lost.
I called my doctor and he advised me to come see him and I went.

He declared me ok after running some tests but the issue continued until January 4th when my wife returned.
As I was taking a bath with my wife that 4th night, the thing stood up even without any assistance. i was baffled. We made love normally and i thought everything was now ok.
Laila, sadly, it happened again. The thing disappointed me again last Sunday after valentine when i went out to see a lady friend that my colleague introduced to me. It was the worst day of my life because this was a new girl and I know she may have discussed my condition with her friends by now. When i got home, I attempted with my wife and it worked.
My wife worships at Lords Chosen and I am starting to suspect something fishy. Ever since she started being friends with one Madam Bola from her church, I have observed some changes in her. She now prays with salt, water and olive oil.
I don’t know if it is jazz but I believe that my wife has done something to me because she gives me this queer looks ever since she came back from her village and she doesn’t argue anymore or throw tantrums like before.
Please don’t judge me.

I know that cheating on my wife is wrong but my wife can be very boring and rigid sexually. Our sex life is almost like a mandatory once in 2 weeks routine and she never seem to enjoy or initiate sex. All she does is just lie there until I cum. I love her but I needed an escape and have always provided all she need.
Please reply me and tell me what you know as a woman and if I need spiritual help because i don’t understand this
Thank you


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