True Confession: My Pastor is disturbing me for sex

I am writing this because I am really bitter and I want to expose this man!

The youth pastor or rather leader, cos its an Anglican church, has been asking me for sex for as long as I can remember. I have always put him well in his place and it worked.

I stopped being involved in all activities in church, only go to service in the main church and generally mind my business. For the last 3 years, I have been known as a snob et all in church.

Things were fine till I lost my dad, few months ago. Trust me, it is not easy, at 25 and an only child. I had always been a hard worker and luckily started my business while in school. I’m fully into business and it is growing. I was lucky to get a contract to supply some things and needed funds.

I have a boyfriend who is wonderful and does all he can for me and my family this past few months, but he had been down with a lot of bills recently.

Asking him for cash would have been too much and so against my better judgement, I approached this youth pastor. He has recently been empowering some youths in church and stupid me I felt he had been more spiritual lately and maybe changed his ways. He agreed to give me a loan that must be paid back, I was excited.

As I made to leave his office, he made his move, I hit and pushed him away. He probably saw the disgust on my face but he still reassured me, notwithstanding that he will loan me this money.

I would have to travel out to make the purchase so I made plans. A week before I was to leave, he refused to pick my calls. In short, when I left Nigeria, I didn’t have money to buy half of what I had to buy. But the God I serve and the spirit of my late father saw me through!

The following day, I arrived, I got paid for a past job I was being owed, in fact due to an error they paid me twice. I got paid for another job, I am yet to deliver and then my wonderful boyfriend tripled my allowance. I was more than able to do my purchases and have left over change.

Thing is I will be going to church on Sunday and as usual he will mount the stage to preach. Lord knows I am so burnt enough that I am tempted to drop his name on your blog, I don’t think I can stand that self righteous act.

He has a wife, sisters and daughter. Would he be happy if they are given such a condition when they are in need? Do I drop an anonymous letter to church authorities or I let it slide?

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