True Confession: My dad murdered our 6-month-old baby to save us

Boko Haram

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I am 19-years-old. My  parents and I were based in the north but recently we just moved to our village in Owerri due to the destruction of our house and properties in Yobe state.

In 2013, there was an attack in our area by BokoHharam. So many people were killed so we had to hide somewhere for our safety and we were 3 kids, my parents and our last child who was 6month old. While hiding, the Boko Haram gun men were aproaching us. Hearing the sound of their guns, our 6month old baby started crying and the men were not far from us.

So, my dad needed to save us and he strangled the baby to death. Now the five of us are alive and healthy but staying in the village. My mum is yet to get over the fact that our baby was killed to save us all, she keeps blaming my dad for killing her child. Now, she wants a divorce. Please I will like to know, did my dad do anything wrong by killing the baby to save us?

Over to you readers. What advice do you have for this writer?

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