Shocker: Woman Delivers Monkey-like Baby In Nigeria (Photo)

A Nigerian woman Monday gave birth to a baby which had features of a monkey, it has been reported.
The development, which left many observers confounded and shell-shocked, was reported by Nigeria’s Leadership newspaper.
According to the report, the woman, a Fulani from Sabonlceh village, gave birth to the monkey-like creature at the General hospital In the Kagarko local government in Kaduna, after several hours of labour.

The paper quoted a nurse at the hospital as saying:

“The pregnant woman was rushed to the hospital at about 7:30 am, Monday. And we immediately took her into the labour room.”

“The woman came in through the out-patient department (OPD) after seeing the doctor on call and I decided to rupture her because the cervix was fully dilated. After I ruptured her, fluid measuring about 26 litres gushed out after which she started bleeding. All this time, the baby was still in the womb.”

“When the bleeding persisted, I sent for the medical director and when she came, we went into the theatre to operate on the woman. In the process, the baby started coming out with the legs. So, the medical director asked me to stop and allow her to deliver the baby by herself”.

According to the report, the nurse who declined to be named continued that, “She delivered the baby breech and when it came out, we discovered that it was an abnormal baby. It was half human and half animal. We lost the baby shortly after delivery.”

The nurse was reported as saying that the baby weighed a healthy four kilograms, but its legs and ears were like those of a monkey. The mother, who, according to the report, lost a lot of blood, is said to be receiving treatment at the hospital.

The picture above appears to depict the said child. I’m yet to independently verify both report and the picture. Reader discretion is advised.

Wonders shall never end. What do you think about this development? Let me know in your comments.

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