250 “Pot-bellied” Policemen Sacked

The Police authority in Punjab, a district in Pakistan, has sacked 250 pot-bellied and fat officers from the Police Force.

The Inspector General of Police, Habibur Rehman, ordered a team of district police officers to measure the waistline of the 175, 000 members of the police force and all men found to be overweight were ordered to reduce their weight to a required standard before Saturday.

Cops in Punjab are expected to be slim and fit….PHOTO: Courtesy The Express Tribune: All officers are required to have a 38-inch waistline or less

“The Inspector General ordered 175,000 personnel not to allow their waistlines to exceed 38 inches and reduce their weight by July 7,” The Express Tribune, a Pakistani paper, reported over the weekend.

The Pakistani police says it will recruit new and slimmer officers to replace the sacked men and women.

Officers who have, however, made efforts to reduce their girth by 2-4 inches will be reconsidered and granted an extended deadline to get into shape.

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