Man Killed Over Coconut

INDIA: Little did a 14-year-old know that he would have to pay with his life for picking up a coconut that was lying on the road.
The teenager was strangled to death by his neighbour for daring to steal the
coconut which had fallen off his tree on to the road, reports The Times of India.


The incident occurred in the Indian state of west Bengal when the owner of the
coconut palm, saw the student picking up the fruit of his tree on his way back
home after attending tuition class. The neighbour beat the boy black and blue and even tried to strangle him.
The boy was taken to a nearby hospital but he succumbed to his injuries. The neighbour was arrested for brutal murder of the teenager and incensed
neighbours even stromed his home and set alight some of his hosuehold items
till the police intervened and calmed the neighbours.


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