Woman Stabs Four-Year-Old Daughter 21 Times

INDIA: In a stunning incident, a mother of two stabbed her four-year old daughter 21 times in the chest and hours later jumped before an oncoming train in the Indian city of Nagpur. The father discovered the body of the little girl drenched in blood when he returned home with the couple’s son, reports The Times of India.
The mother of the child had been spotted at her neighbour’s place having tea a few moments before the ghastly murder. The hardened police officials were also shocked when they took the girl’s body for post mortem, said the daily.


Police officials are investigating the murder of the child and are even looking at the human sacrifice angle. It could have been carried out at the behest of a religious ‘godman’, they claim.
Post-mortem report claimed that the girl was stabbed in and around her heart region.
Nowhere else. Whatever the outcome of the police investigation, for the residents of Nagpur,
this incident will remain in their minds as one of the lowest points of humanity
considering that a mother stabbed her girl in the heart 21 times.

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