Girl Dies After Sleeping With Monkey

A Nigerian girl died hours after having sexual intercourse with a monkey, it has been reported.
The girl was from IMO State in the South-West of the country.
This was revealed by IMO State Youths, a Nigerian youth group on facebook.
According to the group, the lady, whose name was given only as Cynthia, died in the company of her friends after a date with a certain Alhaji.
It later emerged, according to the report, that the Alhaji had tempted her into having sexual intercourse with his monkey.
I’ve not been able to independently verify the report, so I’m not rushing into believing that it is the whole truth. A police report is also not available yet.
Despite my cynicism, I acknowledge that it’s the IMO State people themselves who are reporting this. I doubt if they would embarrass themselves with such a story if it wasn’t true,
You can read the unedited report from IMO State Youths and make your own judgement:
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*Pic of Cynthia,the girl that died after sleeping with a monkey*

“This is yet another Shocker….we gathered that Her name was Cynthia, she was picked up by an Alhaji, and they went to have fun, after that the Alhaji took her to his guest house, and gave her $2000 to suck and sleep with his monkey, she refused at first, but on a second thought, she agreed to do it, after all it was just a matter of 5 to 10 mins for that huge amount.

After the ordeal the alhaji went to drop her and drove off, few hours later she started
complaining of stomach ache, she thought it was a normal stomach ache, but from what
we gathered few hours later, maggots started coming out from her private parts, her friends
tried to rush her to the hospital but it was too late…………. She died before they could do
Sometimes I wonder why our girls refuse to learn, they hear and see things happening
every day, but for the love of money, they can do anything
Her full identity was not given as it’s a thing of shame………… Please ladies be careful..”


  1. says

    It’s horrible the way and manner our girls re dare in search of money,i can not imagine agirl agreeing 2 sleep with a monkey bcos of money may she have forgiveness frm God.

  2. bj says

    And y ave men becos of d situation of d country,decided to turn themselves into a wild beast!!! Don’t dey also learn? Atleast its not today we have been hearing of Nemesis catching up wit all d men who does dat !!!After all d girl dint take a guns to their houses or go to rape d “men” when asked for a Favour dey won’t do cos u are not dier family, yet wen dey feel dier fucking urge dey need dis girls,and when its their turn to keep d end of d bargain they end d girls life! Jst becos she trusted dem! Y can’t dey use dier sisters and daughters. To me dis so called men are jst cold blooded murderers n shld be taught d agony of pain,by cutting dier flesh into pieces n feeding them wit it!

  3. says

    why, why are some ladies not trying to respect their personalities like that. its a pity. most girls behave like they have never seen money before. we are now in a world that ladies keep asking men for money. even some well educated girls do so. they start by telling guys that they are hungry and all sort of things. all these make the guys take advantage of the ladies. this practice by some girls must stop. girls are beautiful creatures of God and so must behave as such. something like this should not happen again

    • Gosh says

      some time i wonder why ladies of today go to that extend.. beautiful gal like she is just cuz of money u have lost ur life… now where is the money did she die with it NO the money is there to be spend on her funeral.. what was the course? Not the money not what she wanted not what people talk about her. but she course it and what made her course her life.. luck of knowledge

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