Russian Jailed for Sneezing on Putin’s Photo – If We Had This Law In Ghana

Last night I heard a Deputy Minister for information, Samuel Okudzeto Ablakwa, lament on Metro TV’s Good Evening Ghana that President JEA Mills was “the most vilified Ghanaian President in history”. I agree with him to a LITTLE extent – because I doubt if Mills is the most vilified Ghanaian President in history.

The undeniable fact, though, is that Mills has been criticised a lot since he took office – some of the criticisms have been irrational and unjustifiable, but they’ve been accepted or put up with.

In Russia, somebody is to go to jail for sneezing on a photo of the President, Vladimir Putin. The sentence was based on a certain ‘hooliganism’ law.

My brothers and sisters, If we had this ‘hooliganism’ law in Ghana, many people would be in jail.

The man who said that the President looked liked a “chimpanzee’ would be cooling off at the Nsawam Prison now. What of the folk who accused the President’s wife of benefitting about five million pounds from businessman, Alfred Agbesi Woyome? Masa! Like he dey inside – maximum security straight.

Similar situations abound, but relatively no actions have been taken. This isn’t peculiar to Mills’ administration, the same situation pertained during the ‘reigns’ of EX-Presidents Kufuor and Rawlings.

Charley! We are enjoying in Ghana ooh. Shouldn’t we thank God that freedom of speech and expression works almost flawlessly in the country? 🙂

Continue reading the ‘Russian story’:

MOSCOW – A lone protester detained in a small city east of Moscow earlier this month for spitting on an image of Russian President Vladimir Putin has reportedly been sentenced to 15 days in prison after being convicted of “minor hooliganism.”

Dimitry Karuyev insists he only sneezed on the photo, but the incident nevertheless shows howRussian authorities are cracking down on dissenters as Putin begins his third term in office amid unprecedented protests against him.

Vladimir Putin, President of Russia

Two men were detained in Moscow earlier this week for allegedly assaulting riot police during a May 6protest that turned violent. Several dozen protesters and about 30 police officers were injured in the scuffle that ended with hundreds detained and several police helmets bobbing in the Moscow River.

A third person, an 18-year-old woman named Alexandra Dukhanina who appeared in a widely published photo of the May 6 rally, has also been placed under house arrest  while awaiting trial for allegedly taking part in “violent activity” during the protest.

Each of the three face a maximum of 5 years in prison if convicted.

Russian news reports speculate the three were singled out after they were identified in videos and photos of the melee posted online.


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