Exclusive Picture: Bride and Groom Use Tractor As Wedding ‘Car’

I don’t know what to make of the following picture, but it’s very interesting. If all women were amenable to this sort of idea, many men would spend less money on marriage.


This happened in Kenya. The groom is called Sam, while the bride’s name is Grace.
Join me in wishing them ‘Happy Married Life’.

Update: Someone just indicated to me that it’s more expensive to use a tractor as wedding vehicle than to use a jeep or car.
In that case, it appears Sam and Grace above wanted to do things differently or have a unique, talk-of-the-town wedding, hence the decision to use a tractor instead of the normal vehicles.


  1. says

    How many Ghanaian women would accept this? This is a very beautiful picture. They could have designed the tractor a little more to make it perfect. Nice post.

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