Strange Owl Visits Government Official

I loved this story as soon as I read it: A District Chief Executive spots an ‘owl’ in his house and rushes to call his pastors to help him ‘capture’ it. This is your typical human interest story, isn’t it? 🙂 Continue reading:

THE RESIDENCE of the Asutifi District Chief Executive, Eric Addae, has suddenly turned into a tourist site overnight as people throng the place to catch a glimpse of a strange-looking bird which visited his house.

The ‘Owl’ in a cage

The bird, which has the features of an owl and a hawk, was spotted on the porch of the DCE on Sunday dawn by his children when they started their daily chores.

The bird has been described as the ‘Weeping Bird’ because it was found bleeding from its nostrils and mouth at the time it was captured.
Interestingly, it took the spiritual prowess of a combine team of three pastors who launched powerful prayers to tame the wild-looking bird before it was finally captured and kept in a cage inside the same house.
According to Mr. Addae, he initially decided to shoot and kill the bird but his wife advised him not to do so because it might carry some bad omen. “I called my pastors and some other pastors who came to pray and finally captured it,” he said.
The DCE explained that the strange bird had been kept in a cage he used to rear grasscutters in the house but since it was captured, the bird had stopped ‘weeping’ as the blood had ceased.

He recalled how he encountered a similar experience when he dug a well for his mother at her residence and a strange woman from nowhere dropped inside it while the manhole was covered.
According to him, the strange woman looked weak in the well but when she was taken out of the pit, she walked healthily like nothing had happened to her.

From  Fred Tettey Alarti-Amoako, Kenyasi 

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