Man Flees to Avoid Inheriting His Father’s Wives

A 32-year-old farmer has escaped from confinement after outwitting his family members who are forcing him to inherit his late father’s deity and marry his three widows.

Nana Kwadwo Amoako of Ayeman in the Northern Region, escaped after some family elders kidnapped him in Techiman and sent him to Ayeman, where they confined him in preparation for the ceremony to inherit his father, Opanin Kwasi Amoako, the High Priest of Kinadwo deity shrine.

While preparations were on-going, however, Nana Amoako escaped and his whereabouts is still unknown.
Papa Kwame, uncle of Nana Amoako, explained to newsmen in Techiman that the late high priest died on October 6, 2006 and tradition demanded that his only son should inherit the deity and also marry his widows.
He said Nana Kwadwo rejected it with the explanation that as a Christian, he could not do what he was being requested of him.

Papa Kwame said Nana Amoako escaped after he had been confined for seven days in preparation for his installation.
He told the newsmen that the elders of the area were of the view that it was a taboo for Nana Amoako not to worship his father’s deity, as the spirit could curse the whole community.
Papa Kwame said he was afraid to go back home because the mantle could fall on him to take Nana Amoako’s place, since he was also a family member.

There is the belief that whoever inherits the Kinadwo deity is obligated to perform a number of customary rites, including female genital mutilation and thy sprinkling of human blood on the shrine to appease it.

From GNA

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