Shocking: Baby Born Holding Qu’ran in Nigeria

News that a baby was born holding a Qu’ran in Lagos State is spreading like wild fire in Nigeria.
According to Popular Nigeria blogger, Ms Linda Ikeji, the baby was born on Monday, May 7, 2012, at Victoria Moses Church in Mushin, Lagos, to an unmarried mother.
Ms Ikeji said: “According to the child’s mother, Kikelomo Ikori, 32, when the baby was delivered, they saw him holding something in his hand which was stained with blood, and after cleaning it, they discovered it was a mini Qur’an.”

She said: “A day after the baby was born, hundreds of people stormed the residence of the new mum in Shonde street, Ijeshatedo, Surulere, wanting to see the baby with their own eyes. And since his birth, quite a number of Islamic scholars have travelled far and wide to see the baby.”

Ms Okeji added: “Some people believe it’s real, some don’t. The baby’s mother Kike, who was a christian before giving birth to the baby has now turned to a Muslim.”
The Nigeria blogger concluded: “The baby’s daddy is a married man who left Kike and told her to abort the pregnancy when he found out she was pregnant, but Kike decided to keep the pregnancy.”

What do you make of this? If you are a medical doctor and you are reading this, humbly educate us as to whether this is possible medically.
If you asked me for my views on this situation, I wouldn’t say I don’t believe. Here are my reasons:
1. A lot of things are happening that even science cannot explain.
Did you read about the Kenyan man who could not extricate his manhood from inside another Man’s wife due to the effect of black magic? Science can never explain such a phenomenon.

2. It will be extremely crazy for the mother of the baby and the people at the hospital to make up such a sensitive story; to what end?
Well, those are my thoughts. As usual, you are free to express yours.



  1. says

    To me I strongly believe it’s highly possible for such a thing to happen. God can do anything that is beyond our immagination and that there cannaver be a scientific explanation to it.
    Though I haven’t seen it with my eyes, I strongly believe it is possible to happen…

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