Man Urinates in Court

Kumasi, Ghana – Kwasi Tawiah, a 22-year-old standing trial at a Kumasi Circuit Court for robbing two traders at gun point, caused a stir when he urinated on himself moments before he was sentenced to serve a 48-year jail term.
Tawiah, a chop bar worker, pleaded guilty to charges of conspiracy to rob and robbery when he appeared before the court. His accomplice, Charles Coblah, pleaded not guilty.
As the courtroom became as quiet as a cemetery, and with observers waiting for the presiding Judge, Mr Emmanuel Amu Yartey, to pass judgement, a policeman who was on guard spotted an unusual flow of liquid around where Tawiah was seated.
Close examination of the liquid, its source of flow, colour, and thickness proved without doubt that it was urine, and within seconds, the courtroom was filled with laughter.

The situation, however, did not prevent the Judge from putting Tawiah behind bars.

Source: The Mirror


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