Man Sets Himself On Fire In Protest Against Injustice

Wonders indeed shall never end. Read below, the shocking extent to which someone went to protest what he deemed to be injustice. It may seem crazy, but  are we doing enough to protest injustice in our society? Continue reading:

A 26-year-old Tibetan man on Monday set himself on fire at Jantar Mantar, two days ahead of Chinese President Hu Jintao’s visit to India for the BRICS summit.

The victim was identified as Jhampel Yetshi, who has been living in India since 2006, when he escaped from Tibet.

He was admitted to a hospital where he is being treated for 90 per cent burns and is said to be critical.

Yetshi’s self-immolation bid comes amid a series of similar protests in Tibet.

Over the past one year, nearly 30 people have set themselves alight to protest against the Chinese rule over Tibet and demand the return of the Dalai Lama to the Himalayan region.

Scores of protesters had gathered at Jantar Mantar on Monday to hold a demonstration against the arrival of the Chinese Premier and to implore the other participating nations to take up the issue of Tibet at the summit.

Eyewitnesses said Yetshi turned up at the protest around 12.40 pm, engulfed in flames, and ran towards the speakers on the stage.

Despite his resistance, fellow protesters overpowered Yetshi and managed to douse the fire with water and Tibetan flags.

The impassioned protester kept up the fight at the hospital, resisting treatment and yelling at those who brought him there.

Protesters alleged they could not inform Yetshi’s family members of the incident courtesy of the stringent Chinese curbs on communication lines in Tibet.

‘India should not welcome Hu. The Chinese establishment is trampling on the rights of Tibetans and denying freedom to us,’ a protester said.

The anger at Hu’s India visit was palpable at Jantar Mantar, where a large poster of Hu, with a bloody palm print over his face, summed up the Tibetans’ sentiments.

The protesters even staged a march to Parliament, with such messages as ‘Tibet is burning’, ‘Tibet is not part of China’ etc.

From Daily Mail Online

Update on July 19, 2012: Pictures on this post have been removed in line with a google adsense policy. 

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